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From: Sean Mize 10:07 AM

To: You IF you want to write highly responsive emails THIS MONTH

Is your email campaign responsive?

Do your subscribers look forward to receiving your emails each day?

Are you building quality, trust based relationships with the folks on your list, so that they are responsive to your emails, and will buy when you ask them to?

Do you get frustrated that your email list is so unresponsive...or simply that they don't buy as much as you 'd like them to?

Do you get irritated trying to write multiple autoresponder emails that all tie in to each other, yet still offer value without giving the farm away? Honestly, it's a tough balance to strike, and it's not easy, is it?

Perhaps your subscribers gladly open their emails when you send a free gift or free content...but when the rubber hits the road and you ask them to pay for your information, they lock up a bank vault?

And perhaps you want your emails to not only produce, but be on autopilot, going out as follow-ups to your list each day, rather than broadcasts you have to make the time to write each day?

And maybe you also want to get your email list more responsive to the affiliate offers you promote..

How would it feel if you knew you could mail your prospects regularly, they would anticipate your emails, and purchase from you when you asked them to - and that there was a very simple formula for writing those emails?

What if you discovered that there is a very easy method - a very specific order of writing emails in a sequence that literally forces your prospects to give you the trust you want, and leads them to buy when you ask them to?

That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?

Well, I am here to tell you now - that very specific order of placing the right emails in the right place in your autoresponder exists. And it exists in such a way that when you get it right...you build strong bonds with your list, the communicate with you regularly...and they are highly responsive when you are selling to them, either your products or affiliate products.. You see, the very formula that governs how people respond to your emails is the same formula that you would use to build trust and relationship offline, with people you know. Of course, you already knew that. And perhaps you also know that when you use the very specific psychological triggers that inspire trust and action by your prospects and subscribers, they are literally compelled to follow your instructions..to open, to click, to buy.

In fact, many people know this - and yet, only a few people are ble to effectively communicate with their list, create that kind of trust, and get the kinds of sales you read about in the guru - salesletters.


First - the obvious - most people don't know what the psychological triggers are that compel people to trust you and follow your directions.

The second - less obvious - I believe most people simply freeze up and don't know what to write in their emails. Even if they know the trust triggers, they don't know how to use them in their emails.

And because of that - there are lots of people out there, like you, who have an under-responsive list - and are making 5 - 10 times less per subscriber on your list than you should be.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you just do a few basic things - like a very certain structure to your email campaign...literally placing each kind of email in a certain order and with a certain daily spacing, - YOUR email campaign can have the same great responsiveness and profitability you have been looking for, that not only creates trust and relationships on your list, but...

YOU can BEAT many other competitors in your niche to gain complete dominance over your subscribers.

Now, perhaps right now you are thinking - well, I've heard all of this before - you are simply selling me a system that is going to 1000 other people and as soon as they all start using it, all the people on my list will be seeing the same kinds of emails and so your special email system won't work anymore.

And I surely understand why you might think that - because that is what so many "systems" have done in the past - tried to use word for word copy and paste templates that 1000 people or 100,000 use, and they are no longer effective..

But there is one critical difference in this system: and that is that instead of telling you the exact words to write in each email and forcing you to follow a cookie cutter copy and paste system that creates emails that don't connect with your subscribers - instead my sytem tells you exactly what kind of emails to write (for example, I teach you how to write credibility emails, content emails, free gift emails, communication emails, trust emails, and many, many more) - and how to write the email so your subscribers are responsive and take action - but it gives you an unlimited range of choices of what to write AND -I tell you EXACTLY how to order your emails and how to time them based on the kind of list you are building and the kind of niche you are in (yes, I have this down to an exact science)

And THAT is just ONE of the things I am going to teach you about writing your highly responsive email campaign.

Let me explain:

As you know, I am Sean Mize - and in the last 4 years I have personally mastered the process of converting email subscribers into buyers - and I regularly convert each subscriber to a $20 per subscriber value - now, some subscribers are worth thousands, while others nothing - but you get the point here. I have turned ALOT of subscribers into buyers AND I still personally write high-producing emails, so each of the methods I am teaching you are WORKING today and are EVERGREEN so that they will continue working for a long time to come.

Now, I don't tell you this to brag - in fact, most of my clients would tell you that I know exactly what to do and how to do it, and I teach them heartily - but they would also tell you that the reason they work with me personally instead of hiring someone else is because they trust me so much. Because I tell it like it is.

And the truth is, I am good at what I do - writing emails that build relationship with subscribers and converting those subscribers into buyers.

And I regularly charge clients upwards of $12,000 to learn my secrets.

Let me give you a peak "behind the curtain" of how I write so many powerful, responsive emails and how I know exactly what converts and what doesn't, and to what kind of subscriber.

First off, I have written around 2000 unique emails in the last 4 years, and have kept track of each one....how many opens, how many clicks, how many sales, and for many product launch campaigns, how each email impacts the probability of me getting alot of sales from the campaign.

And in addition, I have worked personally with dozens of clients, guiding them and even helping them to write some of their emails - and I have evaluated the responses of their clients to these emails.

What this means is that I KNOW what converts and why...and I have studied intensely the exact triggers that it takes to build trust and relationship, and to create enough of a bond with your subscribers that when you tell them to "go here and buy" ... they do.

And some of this information I have been drip-feeding to my highest level clients, and allowing them to test my methods on their own lists...and I have found that my methods work very well across many niches -

So I have decided to make all of this available to you in the form of a downloadable, easy to study system that you can begin using TODAY to start writing more powerful emails fast.

Now, this system is arranged like none other I have ever seen.

Because instead of being loaded with dozens of hours of content that you literally have to sit through dozens of hours of teaching to get the nuggets you need, I have organized this into twenty 10 - 30 minute "chunks" of highly - targeted information (it is a total of about 15 hours of targeted email marketing teaching all together), so instead of having to listen to dozens or even hundreds of hours of material to learn exactly what to do and how to do it...you can go directly to the recording you need each day, for the kind of email or email campaign you are going to be writing that day.


In fact, some of the material in this course has only been taught to my highest level clients online...and may never be revealed again by me in any form.

Are you ready to receive access to the system that will completely revolutionize the way you communicate with your subscribers, and change your life?

If so - keep reading - don't skip to the end and just buy this yet - because I want you to see how very powerful this is...and I want to explain a little more about how it works.

You see, one of the things that I do very well is segment my lists so that I can accurately, and in a laser-targeted fashion, communicate to each segment based on their interests - and - this is key - based on their current level of interest in the topic. That's right - one of the things I have perfected is using segmentation techniques to weekly re-segment a portion of my list - so that I can communicate strictly with those individuals who need my services and help the most that week...which of course are the same people who will be buying something that week.

This allows me to leave the rest of my list untouched...until the next week when perhaps some of them are now ready to learn more and take action.

This is just one technique of dozens and dozens that I teach in my course.

Here's another one....

If you are selling coaching, and you want to sell it to your list as soon as possible, the ideal window of opportunity is 10-15 days after they come onto your list - if you have used my credibility campaign (which I give you email by email). However - if you miss this window of opportunity - you need to change tactics - and sell mid-ticket items (I explain exactly why in the course) so that you can turn them into buyers fast before someone else signs them up for coaching...

Now - if you are NOT selling coaching - and are selling using a product funnel...contrary to popular opinion on the web...you need to start selling IMMEDIATELY because if you don't they will buy from someone else instead - and you will LOSE that client from coming into your product funnel.

One of my own stats from my list: about 80% of first time buyers buy in the first 90 days - and about 44% of buyers make their first purchase in the first 30 days. And as much as 80% of those first 30 day sales occur...get this...during the first week. Which means that if you are waiting a week to sell...you are potentially losing out on 80% of your first month sales from your list. And what's worse...the bulk of your long term sales are made by people who bought from you in the first couple of months...so if you don't make the FIRST sale fast - you NEVER get a chance to sell them a SECOND sale. Make sense? I teach you exactly when to begin promoting your products, based on price point, in my system (because frankly if you get this wrong...you are losing almost all of your potential income on your list...and this might be the single biggest reason your list isn't profitable)

WARNING: the above information is NOT accurate with all price points...so don't blindly try to repeat what I just taught in the last 2 paragraphs without buying my system to learn exactly how to do it - because if you promote the wrong price point too early, based on the rest of your sales funnel - you will lose sales fast.

Note: I teach you EXACTLY how to do this for each possible price point scenario in my course, exactly what to promote and when - and NO ONE else is teaching this, so you can't get this anywhere else and without it I promise you are leaving money on the table - losing money - everyday on your list.

Here's one more example of what I do with my list and teach in my system:

One of the things I do with my list, is I personally communicate with them via email. I don't use a ticket system, I don't hire someone in India, instead I personally answer each email.

Now, to do this, you have to do it a very specific way so that it doesn't waste all your time, and so that you are only emailing people who genuinely are going to make purchases from you. So I have built a complete system that keeps your email time to a minimum (about 20 minutes per day for $20k per month from your email list, 40 minutes per day for $40k per month from your email list, if you are making more money than that, hire an assistant to speak for you, but don't go to a ticket system or hire someone in India just because they are cheap, because your sales will go WAY down)

I have also mastered the process of determining if someone who is writing for help is genuinely willing to purchase something if I write a few emails (again, within the 20 - 40 minute window per day), and how to determine if they are broke or cheap and are just wasting your time so you can delete them from your list immediately.

And I also have a special 3 email technique I use to take subscribers from asking me a question to trusting me to make a purchase from me...within 3 emails of them writing an unsolicited email to me for help or asking a question. Not only do I have the technique - and I will explain it fully to you - I also give you real-world examples of how it works in my system.

Now, I could go on and on about many of the other things I do in my list - that NO ONE else does - but I won't - because by now, if you want to learn how to do just ONE of the 3 things I have just taught you about - then this system is well worth your money.

And if you like any of the techniques I have just taught you - you are going to LOVE the indepth instruction on how to implement each of them - and of course you get detailed instruction for all of those techniques, plus many more.


In addition to my step by step system for writing emails that convert - and the exact system for making sales to your email list, you are also going to learn:

1. How to write subject lines that force people to open your emails and read them.
2. How to create incredible levels of response from the emails you write.
3. How to create content in your emails that offer the right balance between value for the lead and getting them to click over to your sales page
4. How to correctly writing/crafting/creating your emails so that they consistently create trust and sales.
5. How to create the precise balance between content and sales emails to maximize sales to your email list.
6. Learn the BEST way to build relationships with your list fast.

You'll also discover the answers to these specific questions that my own subscribers have asked about email marketing:

1) Everyone say's that the money is in the list. Does all the money come from actual sales from emails? Or if you have a website are you meant to be selling on that too? So the emails are a secondary/extra thing? (Alex)

2) My biggest challenge is creating content in my emails that offer the right balance between value for the lead, but enough "hmmm" factor to get them to click through to my website.
Which leads in to the main problem...creating content in the first place. (Paul)

3) They say provide content. Should the emails be salesy or contenty? Can they be both? How do correctly write content plus sales emails? What does it take to build the relationship? (Alex)

4) I have not done a lot of email marketing. I would say get it open by the receiver who is not expecting it is the biggest challenge. Once it's opened, get to the point fast to attract his attention is my second choice. (Jacques)

5) Is email marketing the whole business, just part of the business, or the most important part of the business? Should I be spending time and effort more than website content, traffic or conversion? What is email marketings real role in my business? (Alex)

6) How many times per day should I email my list?

... And how often should rotate my affiliate products?


In my brand new system, I answer all of these questions....and many many more!

I also teach you:

1. How to use the 7 forms of psychological trust triggers to bond with your subscribers fast so they continue to open your emails over time, and buy from you when asked.
2. How to write each of the following types of emails (exactly what they are and how they are used as well):

credibility emails

content emails

free gift emails

trust building emails

communication emails

high response emails

re-activation emails

buying emails

selling your product emails

selling affiliate product emails

product launch formula emails

I will teach you each of those types of emails, exactly how to use them, when to use them in your campaign, and how to write each of those kinds of emails

3. How to time the delivery of your emails based on the type of list you have, the niche you are in, and the price point of your product (get this wrong, and sales won't happen)

You see, for high ticket products, you need one timing and type of emails, for low ticket, you need a different timing and order and type of emails, for selling coaching you need a different timing and series of emails, if you are selling multiple products, still another, and affiliate products - still another. And if you don't get this right - you will be alienating your subscribers instead of bonding and creating sales.

4. How to know the precise point at which you need to change what you are offering to a particular list, based on their responsiveness
5. How to easily create a product launch series of emails
6. How to use articles and pdfs in your email campaign to create high levels of credibility and trust - and how to sell through those articles and pdfs (A unique twist in article marketing you probably have never seen exactly quite like this)
7. Why some types of emails convert well on some lists but really poorly on others - and how to know the difference
8. How to prepare your subscribers for a new launch of a product or affiliate product and have people ready to take action when the buy button comes out.
9. Discover my own secret for building tight bonds with my subscribers so they trust me and not only buy from me, but consistently purchase multiple products (I have some clients who have bought 20, 30...even 40 times from me!) and how you can train your subscribers to do the same thing
10. 3 simple techniques to write your autoresponder campaign...in fact, an easy way to write a 100 - email autoresponder campaign in a short period of time (if you had a 100-email responsive autoresponder campaign, would that increase your income?)
11. Step-by-step methods for writing each individual email


Ok, are you ready now? Do you want to see exactly how I write and maintain large email autoresponder campaigns that consistently build trust and make sales?

If so - I suggest you download a copy of my new system TODAY.

The reason for this is that because of the high level of information contained in this book, I am planning to transform this into a much higher priced course - with a possible price of $2000 to get access to this.

And truth be told, $2000 would still be a drop in the bucket for someone to learn how to discover the secrets of writing emails that convert to buyers, wouldn't it?

Let me reveal something to you...each new subscriber to my site is worth around $20 to me in profits.

That's right - each visitor is worth about $20 in profits to me. And I realize that is high...most sites average a few dollar per subscriber. And frankly the difference between a few dollars per subscriber and $20 per subscriber, when multiplied by thousands of subscribers...is huge.

In this system you receive everything you need to know to write...an unlimited, automated email campaign that consistently produces high profits month in and month out.

What would it be worth to you to have an email autoresponder campaign - that operates on 100% autopilot, and produces revenues of $10 - $20 per subscriber or more. Would you like that?

And that is why I believe that when I take this to the next level - and allow this information to be available only to clients who pay me upwards of $2000 (and I already have dozens and dozens of clients who have paid me in excess of $5000 or more to learn some of my other secrets) - this will still be a bargain at $2000.

So....why am I going to discount it for you today?

There's one big reason: I need testimonials. You see,I have used these email techniques for years now to create massive profits.. But because I haven't shared all of this material with anyone...no one else has used it like I have. And frankly when I release the $2000 email mastery coaching program...I need testimonials - and my goal is to have 100 testimonials.

So....the only thing I ask is that if you take advantage of the discounted price today - that within the next 30 days you will send me a testimonial telling me exactly how many new emails you have written using my system, and how many new relationships and clients you have created as a result of using my system? Deal?

OK - so instead of $2000 for this life changing information - as long as you are willing to send us a testimonial after you write your profitable email campaign- your price today is $1000.


Go ahead, get it now:



P.S. I have been using these techniques for several years to outfox, out sell, and out dominate my competition for in my niches online. And these email techniques are one of the biggest reasons I get such high subscriber monetization (like I said, I get over $20 per subscriber monetization rate, with around $10 per visitor on thousands of visitors per month - I don't know of anyone on earth that gets $10 per visitor on thousands of visitors. Sure, on small buyer subsets, its easy...but on raw visitors...nope, just doesn't happen.). The reason is that I write some of the most responsive emails on earth.

Because of this, I don't have to resort to mailing multiple affiliate offers, begging my subscribers to please buy in the next mass launch so I can win some contest, or spend thousands of dollars on traffic just to get more subscribers because I'm not monetizing the ones I have, like perhaps you have tried and failed with, or perhaps you see others use with minimal profit margins.

One of the real keys to my monetization is the highly responsive emails, and my special email sequence that literally tells you exactly which email to place where and in what order, depending on your price point and selling options (your products, affiliate products, high priced, low priced, etc.)....and until now, I have shared all of these techniques with NO ONE and once these 100 copies are gone...once again, these secrets are locked down tight, only to be revealed at very high price tags.

Do you want to lose out on the opportunity to write long term highly responsive autoresponder campaigns like I do? If not, I suggest you order this immediately, because once the 100 slots are sold...the payment link will be take down, and if you have missed out...you have missed out. I will make no exceptions, and the reason is that it is only fair to the 100 who are paying to get access - it wouldn't be fair to them to keep selling this after 100 people are in. So go ahead, get it now while you still can: